Kim Kardashian is not a litmus test

So I’m a say a couple of things and then I’m going to bow out of this conversation about Kim Kardashian getting robbed.

Kim Kardashian is not a litmus test of Black folks humanity. Many of us have seen so many Black folk killed on camera in the past few years that we can’t even get past the numbness of it. Black folks are constantly inundated with the identification of humanity with whiteness. Empathy for white people is basically hardwired into our brains at a very young age. To not show empathy for a white person is reactionary, sure, but not the measurement of a Black person’s soul.

I think we need to take a look at the fact that white people can basically believe that we are sub-human but still be treated as a good individual with some bad beliefs while Black people, especially Black femmes- ESPECIALLY dark-skinned Black femmes, are not only read for filth, but also are treated as subhuman any time they refuse to show empathy for white folks.

I mean, literally, a white person can argue you down about how they don’t agree with BLM which is just shorthand for ‘I think Black folks deserve to get shot like dogs in the streets,’ and still not have his humanity challenged. We out here with biopics on serial killers that make them look like just misunderstood souls, and a Black person not giving a fuck about Kim Kardashian is a reason for folks to revoke their humanity card.

We gotta admit to ourselves, being short on empathy is sometimes part of being human in a world that can rescind your membership into humanity at any given moment. Do I condone folks talking about her like “Good, she got what was coming to her?” Nah. I think some of the hate that she’s receiving is misogynistic and violence. But if you can’t bring yourself to really care or shed a tear, especially after the year that Black folks have have, I don’t think that’s a judgement on your character or your moral compass.

I think it’s violence to expect/demand Black folks to continue to extend compassion to folks that continuously steal and appropriate Blackness without regard to the harm that it does to Black femmes. That compassion is a grace that should never be demanded, only received with humility when it is genuinely extended. Black folks, more than anybody else, continue to extend that grace to white folks and non-black folks even when our humanity and morality is constantly called into question. When was the last time a black person shot 9 white folks dead in a house of worship and the families of the victims openly and publicly forgave that person? Nah, we not short on forgiveness, compassion or grace. We are continuously extending compassion because that is what we believe keeps us human.

But being human is not a category that you (should be able to) fall in and out of. It is a divine right to exist fully as who we are, in our boundless empathy and our infinite rage. And Kim Kardashian is not a litmus test of how human you are. If your path is compassion and empathy, cool. If your path is fuck her, cool. You gotta do what helps you stay alive as a Black person in an abjectly anti-Black world.

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