Short Bio:

Joy KMT is self-taught&queer&black&femme&hood&poet&mother&lover&. She works from the possibility of the personal to be collectively transformational. Her work often blends the magical with the reality of living at the crossroads of multiplicities.She is the producer of Her Voice: The Stories, Tales and Myths of Women of Color which premiered in the Sunstar Music Festival and Testify: A Black Womanhood Series. Her poetry has appeared in Check The Rhyme: An Anthology of Female Emcees and Poets, Amistad: Howard’s Literary Journal, Black Girl Dangerous, Blood Lotus, an Online Literary Journal, Backbone Poetry Journal, The Feminist Wire, Pluck! the Affrilachian Journal of Arts and Culture, Fledgling Rag, Near Kin: Words and Art inspired by Octavia Butler, and is forthcoming in Sugared Water.

Artist Statement:

My art is a is a trip into the reality of a black woman as a condensation of thousands of years of the narratives of human experience, past, present and future. My objective is to create space&voice for the multitudinous ways in which the soul, the identity and our realities interact. In a larger context, the purpose of my work is the weaving together of understanding and honoring the tapestry of human existence through a uniquely african-american and womanish lens.

I am influenced by the social and cultural landscape of Pittsburgh, as well as global narratives of indigenous, marginalized and displaced voices. I am inspired by contemporary black queer culture, the economy of mothering and black Pittsburgh culture. Afro-diasporic mythology and afro-futurism sets the necessary frame for the artistic dialogue between self and the culture of invisibility that engulfs the voices of black women.

My artistic goals are to explore the boundaries of expression, the spaces between reality and the magic of our interpretations of reality, and where those interpretations meet each other as humanity, to explore language via text, performance, ceremony and created environments.



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